About Me

Hello my name's Yasiru, people call me Yas. I'm from Colombo, Sri Lanka. I'm 17 years old and I am currently a student at Trinity College Kandy. I enjoy programming and almost anything related to computers. How computers function really amazed me and here I am digging deeper into the field and building my career doing what I love.

Taking apart things and breaking them, making something different, & fiddling around with circuits, this was my thing. I got my hands on my dad's laptop and I ruined it trying to do things I didn't know. I got my own computer in grade 9 where I wrote my first ever "program", it was a windows batch file game that worked on the terminal. I was in boarding school so I didn't have much time to do things with my computer, the only time I get to use my computer was on weekends when I got home.

When Covid started things changed, lockdown is what really got me going. I met a lot of people online, one of them was a developer that encouraged me to learn JavaScript. I wanted to build a discord bot and that was when I programmed something with an actual programming language. Since then I've been learning and building various things like chatbots, websites, automation programs, & web scrappers.

Skill Set

This is my skill set, what I'm good and bad at. Please note that this is work in progress, I still have a lot to learn and cover.

Most used languages - Github statistics
PythonThis is the language I've used the most. I have been coding discord bots, general computer applications & things to fiddle around with. I've mostly worked with discord.py, Django, PyQt, pillow, & matplotlib. I know how to debug python code, data classes, python coding standards, how to make use of OOP & much more.
I've worked with JQuery, Node.js, React and Next.js in the field of web development. I'm familliar with JSX and how to manipulate the DOM structure with bare JS.
I can structure HTML components that's eye appealing to any audience to fit any type of content. In terms of css frameworks I have expeirence with bootstrap. I know how to use css precompilers, mainly sass.
DatabasesSo far I've worked with both relational and non-relational databases that includes MongoDB, SQlite, MYSQL, & PostgreSQL.
AdditionalI work with Visual Studio Code as my main editor other than that I have used many tools that includes VIM, Github, Bitbucket, Jira, Docker, Slack & many more in my workflow. In terms of operating systems, I have expeirence with using Windows and Ubuntu. I can work with remote machines using SSH, FTP, & RDP for Windows.


Open source projects that I have contributed to/handled, feel free to contribute or copy my code.

DiscroidAn asyncrounous API wrapper for discords' API and websocket connections, that is still under development as part of learning how asyncrounous code functions.
Ranked BotDeveloper of "Ranked Bot". The bot is capable of retrieving aggregated player statistics, match statistics, managing rank roles & game replays served by a backend API. Bot is available for the public in the ranked discord server.
Better ThreadsA wrapper over threads that provides extended control. The module supports pausing, terminating and putting threads to sleep. The module also provides some additional tools like Piping data between threads and a thread pool to keep track of threads.
Xpanse 22Website for project "Xpanse" organized by Trinity College Media Unit.


I provide a few services as a freelance developer. Feel free to contact me for any inqueries.

Discord botsDiscord is a goood communication platform to any sort of community. I can get anything working from a bot that can do simple day to day tasks on discord, chat moderation or pretty much any task as long as the platform supports.
WebsitesI can work on a small scale full-stack application to fullfill your needs. I ensure you that the final product will look and function just the way you want it to. I will revise and rework it till you are 100% satisfied in accordance with the design.

Static websites

  • A good looking, responsive static website.
  • Recommended for portfolio & informative like websites with one or two pages with static data to showcase.

Dynamic websites

  • A fully customizable, dynamic website.
  • Recommended for websites showcasing data that changes over time with many pages.
ScriptingWeb Scraping, Data organzing and statistical representations or generally anything that can be programmetically solved with scripting. It can be to reorganize an Excel sheet or to hack the FBI. I can look in to it and provide a simple solution that will get the task done.

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